Loli Loves Venom

Webcomic [no longer continued]

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this awesome ^_^ and should make more

I STILL love this. Classic.

I hve never read the beginning! Its great to catch up!

If this ain't cute, nothing is.

Keep it up. It's got me hooked all over again. ^_^

God yes, please repost the comic asap, need my dose of cute every few months, and it's that time again D:

Wow, I miss these. Any chance you can upload the rest?

Please! oh please! post the next Loli Loves Venom, me iz a Venom fan!!

this is really cool!

Wow you should make more of these and send them on video game sites like ign! Theyll post them. These are really cool! Ill post this on facebook for you.

Oh yeah could you post the rest of them

By the way im like a big spiderman fan and venom is my fav villain. Can you please post the rest of them here or send them to my email?

Re: Oh yeah could you post the rest of them

im reposting them as soon as possible (:

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